The Los Angeles Stock Exchange #PacificStreet

December 5, 2016

The Los Angeles Stock Exchange

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The Los Angeles Stock Exchange (LASER)

The Los Angeles Stock Exchange, otherwise proposed here as the “Official” Los Angeles Stock Exchange otherwise known as the “LASER” (Los Angeles Stock Exchange, R will be revealed.

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Digital Art for the Los Angeles Stock Exchange

December 4, 2016

I propose a stock exchange for the West Coast in Los Angeles to interface better with trade domestically with Hawaii and Alaska and Internationally with Asia, Central and South America, Australia, Australasia, Singapore.


The Los Angeles Stock Exchange (screenshot art).

The Los Angeles Stock Exchange (screenshot art). Copyright 2016 MDS Holdings Corporation, Inc. (under new management).  Trademark; All rights reserved. Tomorrow’s proposal for the Los Angeles Stock Exchange, otherwise known as the LOSASE, or conventionally the LosASE, will be published at an opening bell here on this website. (Under a California Corporation).




Sustainable Simultaneous Home Lighting and Cooling with Bioluminescent Algae

November 28, 2016

Bioluminescent algaeBioluminescent algae

Based on research done in 2013 with PhD researcher Krzysztof Zając at the University of Poland, we calculated that it is possible to achieve sustainable lighting using pyrocystis algae specifically to achieve sustainable lighting and cooling simultaneously; excellent for underground cooling that needs to “live”.





Note: This is the engineering / industrial plan in part for our product and service; please tread lightly with our I.P..

All rights reserved. Patents pending.

Transitioning from Microsoft Windows to Apple OS X for Government, Medical, and Legal

October 28, 2016

Apple Inc. has always been at the forefront of the most tasteful and reasonable technologies applied in computing to date.

This means that the operating system, the programming language (Objective-C and it’s frameworks, based on Smalltalk in a small way), and the entire conceptual design from aesthetics, to user interface, the soul (think artificial intelligence { : -) } of the computer is entirely powered by something only describable in a vague, Apple-esque sense as The Fog of Mystery and Magic.

Government needs OS X, Medical, and Legal, reason being is that all of these industries alike share incredible inefficiencies with their platform of choice, Microsoft Windows. Now I am no Anti-Microsoft or Anti-Windows individual in any way or form; quite the opposite: I highly regard Microsoft’s Research and Development Team of Distinguished Engineers.

Something needs to change. Software needs to be written for OS X because it it a United States company that regardless of your opinion on it, pays huge amounts of taxes to the US Government, gives us all great products like iPhones (Try to tell me you don’t have one or know someone who does), and we need to make a shift.

It will take time for software engineers and software development companies to make the transition; however, once completed and familiarized with BSD Unix, OS X, and the Objective-C programming language and it’s libraries there will be a huge boost in efficiency in our economy due to the productivity increase that Apple’s technology simply is currently superior to any other platform available for the Government, Medical, and Legal professions.

Some of the benefits that are coming are:

  1. Integration with iPhone and other smartphones that aren’t officially supported (Android); hence, massive increases in productivity and convenience of access to your crucial, encrypted information
  2. Better software engineers: Engineers who know Objective-C know a very difficult programming language to learn. Trust me, I’ve taken the best training in the Country for it. This means they are much more business oriented and more direct making it easier and faster to deal with Government, Medical, and Legal professionals who have high demands for their industry. 
  3. Less errors and software bugs: Because OS X is based on UNIX, which some systems have been running for 10 years (sometimes rumored to be up to 30 years without a reboot). This means stability, which is absolutely crucial to Government employees, Doctors, Nurses, Lawyers, and other Legal and medical professionals
  4. You can always return it within the Apple policy if you don’t like it and the free training and support that comes with AppleCare (highly recommended for such a significant investment)
  5. It is the Finest Computing.

The cost is worth it. That’s not a downside, it’s just what you have to pay for what is the best hardware and software on the market. @msacks_________: Respect: @Apple.

Feel free to contact me for my opinion on this article or leave your comments.







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