iPhone Security Book Coming soon

April 6, 2017

My second book, “iPhone Security” published by @Apress is in it’s final revision stages. Check out the upcoming articles by yours truly in Hackin9 Magazine and my amazing co-author in the latest issue of 2600 at newsstands everywhere or purchase online. Don’t forget to subscribe to Hackin9 magazine too to get your copy of the latest Cybersecurity news.


Don’t forget to get a copy of my first book on Web operations.

The Apache Way; Merit

March 6, 2017

I am writing on the Apache Software Foundation’s website http://www.theapacheway.com where the Apache Software Foundation’s values are briefly posted.

The  main value I hold most closely is the title Meritocracy. The Apache Software Foundation is indeed the ideal meritocracy. It’s members are glad to contribute to their respective software projects because of the upstanding infrastructure and communities that comprise the ASF.

For more information on the Apache Software Foundation see https://www.apache.org.

iPhone Security

March 2, 2017

Over the next few months, as I write this from my iPhone at the haxor manor, I will begin a journey with you where we will attempt every security vector of attack available on the iPhone. Multiple versions of the iPhone will be tested, and I will walk you through this experience step by step.

If you haven’t yet familiarized yourself with how to secure your iPhone, please take a moment to call your AppleCare (please, always get AppleCare unless you intend on having a disposable device.

My thumbs are tired, it isnoteasy to write a fulll bl g post on your iPhone keyboard when you have such fat thumbs you know.

That being said, we will enter this great iPhone security journey together. And as I write my second book for Apress, I will show you via screenshots and with expert guest opinions from leading companies and engineers both at Apple, after Apple, and those who just pissed Steve off too much to never have a chance at their private club. 🖋

Leksah.org IDE for Haskell programming

February 26, 2017

I choose Leksah because it seems well maintained and has good syntactic hylighting. It also has nice Windows and Mac binaries hosted on @Github.

The need for an immediate Nationally standardized security model for quantum software mutations

If we look at Haskell source code, it is truly immediately apparent that one could write and use a genetic engineering open source software library and begin applying virology algorithms against it; effectively creating an entirely new suite of chemical and biological weapons essentially in source code overnight.

This code could potentially begin to create biological weapons which then would be able to aoread if cultivated in a laboratory according to their respective genetic profiles.

#bioeng #bioengineering #engineering #software #haskell

Cybersecurity Consulting now available

February 11, 2017

If you require Cybersecurity Consulting services please call 424-625-4256 available 24x7x365 at $100 per hour and up.

Regarding the 2017 Los Angeles Elections

February 10, 2017

I think the current Mayor, Garcetti does a good job. We should vote for him. Council member Bonin also does a smashing job; these aren’t easy localities to maintain.

Respect the current authorities and if you have doubts maybe give them a second chance when you tick your Voting box this election.

Regarding anything else Los Angeles election related please is the comments section below.

The need for quantum software validation 

February 8, 2017

There are too many attack vectors available in secure software programming and engineering which needs to be addressed by a central quantum computer to perform signature and checksum validation of common and submitted software.

Until then, bothers anf virii will proliferate the internet and the internet of things and there will be no remedy.

Managing your law practice from your iPhone 7 in 3 steps

  1. Get an iPhone 7 on Verizon 
  2. Get plenty of toner and paper with your HP all in one fax scanner
  3. That’s it

The Digital Renaissance 

The Digital Renaissance was initiated most recently marked by a dramatic shift in economics known as blockchain. Blockchain is the technology implementation of Bitcoin, a virtual currency based on digital cryptographic standards; or lack thereof.

Bitcoin is the new method for how things are paid for; anonymously and usually for either investment purposes, yelp.com, or illicit purposes.

The other factors are the onset of virtual reality headsets, the internet of things (or invasion of things as I call it), and the consumerization of quantum computing and artificial intelligence; irrispectively.